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Flower fruits looking good on Christmas and New Year

The following are the photos of colored fruits, flowers, birds, scenery, etc. observed in the winter mountains, which look good on Christmas and New Year. They were taken in cities of Toyohashi and Tahara, located in the Atsumi Peninsula.

Sarcandra glabra @ Imou Marshland (bog)
Ardisia crenata @ Imou Marshland (bog)
Persicaria chinensis @ Imou Marshland (bog)
Persicaria chinensis @ Takigashira Park
Callicarpa japonica @ Takigashira Park
Zosterops japonicus on a maple branch that has not yet fallen @ Takigashira Park
Motacilla cinerea gave me directions @ Takigashira Park
Takigashira Park, a lake and the mountain in winter
Anas platyrhynchos @ Takigashira Park, observed only in winter and early spring
Takigashira Mountain in early winter
Anas zonorhyncha @ Imou Marshland (bog)
Imou Marshland (bog) in early winter